Features & Specifications

Aesthetics - Yields a deep rich, glossy finish that lasts for years and resists oxidation  

Enhanced Chemical and UV Protection - Next-Gen tech in Finest Reserve amps up the protection against man-made and environmental hazards alike.  Pollen, bird droppings, industrial fallout, and strong ultraviolet radiation no longer reach the surfaces once protected by Finest Reserve.  

Water-Spot Resistance - Water, dirt, and oil repellency provide a virtual self-cleaning effect when rinsed or after a rain

High Density - Next Sio2poxi tech results in a tough 3+ micron thick coating, yielding increased abrasion resistance and reducing the occurrence of wash-related marring. 

Increased Hydrophobicity - Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics, with a Contact Angle of 110° ~ 115°, and the only protection available that offers a sliding angle of 10° 

Extreme Thermal Protection - Temperature resistance in excess of 1000° provides greater protection than any vehicle will ever experience