Interior Services

Basic Interior Detail

Designed to target problem areas and further clean and protect the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

  • Express Interior Detail +
  • Carpeting spot cleaned
  • Seats lightly cleaned and protected
  • Door panels lightly cleaned and protected

PRICING STARTS AT:   $75 per hour       

  • 2 hours for compact cars
  • 3 hours for sedans
  • 4 hours for SUV's
  • Any additional time taken will be billed at $75 per hour 
New Car Prep Detail

When your interior needs a good thorough cleaning, this is the package we recommend. This service utilizes steam and carefully chosen chemicals to thoroughly clean and sanitize your vehicles interior.

  • Basic Interior Detail+
  • Carpeting steam cleaned and protected
  • Leather thoroughly cleaned and conditioned
  • All interior surfaces steam cleaned and protected

PRICING STARTS AT:  $75 per hour             

  • 4 hours  for compact cars
  • 5 hours  for sedans
  • 6 hours for small SUV's
  • Any additional time taken will be billed at $75 per hour
New Car Prep Detail

Congratulations! You just purchased a new vehicle. You may find it hard to believe but even brand new vehicles are not delivered in "optimal" condition. Embedded surface contamination builds up on the exterior surfaces as the vehicle sits on the lot waiting to be sold. Imperfections in the vehicles finish are often left behind from improper wash methods. There is no better way to start your new vehicle off on the right foot than one of our "New Car Prep" detail packages. 

  • Exterior is carefully washed by hand
  • Wheels, tires, and arches cleaned
  • Vehicle is carefully dried
  • Surface contamination is removed from exterior surfaces
  • Paint work is carefully polished
  • Durable sealant is applied to paint work
  • Interior Surfaces are properly prepared and protected. 
  • Windows are left spotless
  • Tires and trim are treated to a satin finish

PRICING STARTS AT:              

  • $300 for most compact cars
  • $350 for most sedans
  • $400 for most SUV's

Note: Excessively large or dirty vehicles are subject to an additional charge.  

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